August 18, 2019

Family Vacation 2019

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I recently went on vacation with my family and it was nothing short of chaotic. I figured I would highlight some of the chaos by using the Huji Camera app. This camera makes every picture you take on their app into a VSCO girl certified (don’t quote me on that one) aesthetic photo.

The fun thing about this app is that you don’t have to worry about editing your picture. Once you capture your desired subject on their app it will then edit the picture with whatever the automated feature thinks fits best. This aspect alone was especially convenient for me because this trip was so hectic that I would rarely have time to even think about editing.

Now let me stop rambling because ya girl wasn’t even sponsored by this company to hype them up.


Every time my immediate family and I go to California, we immediately go bike riding on Newport beach. It’s a great way to see the surrounding areas and most importantly the beach. However, we do this at least twice a year and at some point you’ve got to ask yourself, how many times are you going to see the same scenery? 

I have to admit, this time was a lot more interesting. With more additions to our family, we had people getting lost, bike malfunctions and several crashes. I’m not saying this was a good thing but it sure did make the experience more entertaining.


Another tradition we have is going to a restaurant called The Beachcomber. Not only is it a nice place to eat but its met by the beach which made a great place for all the kids to play before being seated. However, we were never seated because two hours of sitting on the beach lead to us deciding to eat elsewhere. If you’re ever in the Crystal Cove area, I suggest reserving a table before arriving.

To get down to the restaurant you can either walk downhill on a 10-15 minute path or take a shuttle. Of course we chose the shuttle. On the way back we decided to be adventurous and walk back to our cars. The entire path is essentially uphill which called for many piggyback rides, constant wining, and hauling all of our wet towels. If you look at the first picture, bottom row, you can really see the distress in my cousin Jordan’s eyes.

At some point on this path we came across a tunnel with art work inside of it. The main theme for a lot of the illustrations was catered towards saving our oceans. That being said, make sure to use a metal straw instead of plastic ones ladies and gents.


Before heading back to Arizona we made a quick stop to the Santa Monica pier which happened to be an hour and 30 minutes out of the way. My uncle was frustrated to say the least and looking back at it I understand why. At least I got my content though.

Our trip to the pier consisted of the younger ones going on different rides (which are super overpriced but makes some good memories I guess), satisfying food and entertainers. Some from even out of the country. There was a group of entertainers with a huge crowd in front of them. When I went to go look they were hyping themselves up so much I thought they were going to be doing stunts I had never seen before. I don’t want to bash this group so I’ll just say this, if you say you’re about it you better be about it too.


The sunsets we encountered on our trip definitely didn’t disappoint. The VSCO girl in me was heavily triggered as you can tell. 

If you look at the last picture in the second row I somehow managed to capture a red moon. I don’t mean to get too deep here but when I was trying to take a picture of this I didn’t even realize anyone else saw it. We were all just staring in awe because none of us had ever seen anything like it. It was a great way to end our trip and made us realize just how beautiful our surroundings can really be. Then when looking away we couldn’t stop seeing that annoying light in our vision for like ten minutes straight.

To take some aesthetically head-ass pictures of your own, download Huji Cam. (Not sponsored).

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