September 6, 2019

August Recap

August was a time of adjustment for me. I recently moved back to Tucson for my senior year of college and even though I should be comfortable in this area I’ve struggled getting back into the groove. It was also hard to grasp the freedom of not having as much free time as I did during the summer months. Nonetheless, I’m happy to be back and excited for all the opportunities coming my way.


Anyone who knows me would describe my music taste as unique (to put it nicely). From Drake to Lana Del Rey I’ve included it all. I definitely have my moods but if I were to describe my personal music taste it would be songs that tell me something and get me thinking. Now, I’m aware that not all the songs in this playlist tell a story. Sometimes I’ll just listen because it has a nice beat. Here are my songs of the month..


My favorite show actually premiered on Netflix on the last day of August. That show is, Styling Hollywood, a new reality show starring stylist Jason Bolden and his husband Adair Curtis. The show follows their everyday lives while they style and design the homes of numerous celebrities. Some of their clients include Yara Shahidi, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union and Serena Williams. While the show shares a lot of the challenges stylists face in the industry, it serves as a great insight to their personal lives and how time management plays a huge role in their relationship.


The colors of August are orange, red and light green. Colors that express joy, desire and renewal.


“You get what you need” – Big Little Lies


Stop creating competitions that don’t matter. “Sometimes it’s us driving the competitive energy. Sometimes it’s someone else. Either way, you get to decide whether or not it is worth it for you to engage.”

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You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right – Rosa Parks

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