August 20, 2019

Posing 101

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Everyone has their struggles when it comes to taking pictures. However, I’m five feet tall and notice that it’s getting harder and harder to capture images of myself that I actually want to share. I’m still trying to figure out what I like but until then I’ll give you some tips of what I found works best for me.

Rule #1: Angle your pictures from the bottom. This gives the illusion of being taller. I always feel bad for whoever is taking my picture because they always have to bend down! Trust me, its worth it.

Rule #2: High waisted anything is the way to go. PacSun has a great selection of high waisted shorts and jeans with a section specifically catered towards petite girls. Along with that, one of my favorite stores to shop for basic high waisted bottoms is none other than Brandy Melville. Lastly, when buying trousers I ALWAYS have to get them altered to fit me length and width wise. For my office gals, NA-KD has a great selection for work appropriate attire that will actually fit! Here are some of my favorite styles..

  1. PacSun: Thrashed Indigo High Waisted Denim Festival Shorts
  2. Brandy Melville: Cara Skirt
  3. NA-KD: Contrast Seam Suit Pants

Rule #3: Coordinate your outfit with the location you’re shooting at. Nothing is worse than wearing an outfit with a completely different vibe than the location you’re shooting at. Thats like mixing mayo and fries together. It doesn’t work. (Sorry for that placing that image in your mind). This will seem extra but if I know I’m going out I’ll research the place and their type of aesthetic so that I can coordinate it with my outfit.

Rule #4: Pick out an outfit you’ll feel confident in. This tip is like Instagram 101 but some people still can’t master it. I believe that even if your outfit is complete utter trash you can still get a fire picture out of it. All you need is confidence!

Rule #5: If you can’t reach the ground don’t take the picture. This is a super random one and you’d think it’d be common sense. Apparently not for me. I took a photo sitting down on this high throne looking chair and after sitting down I knew my feet were dangling below me. I still took the picture and let’s just say I looked like a baby in a high chair.

Rule #6: Try not to take side-by-side pictures of people taller than you. I’m not telling you to ban your six foot friend from taking pictures with you. Just position yourselves so that the difference in height isn’t the focal point of your picture.

Rule #7: Don’t get uncomfortable taking pictures in a public place. I still struggle with this sometimes but honestly when you think about it who cares if anyone is looking? Everyone takes pictures!

Rule #8: For God’s sake don’t post a picture on your Instagram feed using snapchat filters. There I said it.

If you found any of these tips helpful or have any suggestions leave a response below!

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