February 2, 2020

Five Brands, One Style

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Fast fashion is a concept we all have bought into at some point in our lives. For me, it started with Forever 21 and their corny catchphrase crop tops. In the previous years we were given brands like PrettyLittleThing, BooHoo, TigerMist and the infamous Fashion Nova. It doesn’t take much to realize that all of these retailers have the same characteristics. So how are they all still booming with business? 

The highly competitive and repetitive world of fast fashion begins with Fashion Week. Trends from both spring and fall collections are taken and reworked into lower quality versions. Some clothing pieces from these collections are then sent to influencers. This next step right here is crucial because without influencers a lot of the trends we see today wouldn’t be communicated to consumers. This type of marketing is to blame for fast fashion never dying. 

Other than it causing a lot of environmentally challenging problems, I like fast fashion. It’s affordable and being a college student, you’re just trying to find the best bang for your buck. I’m sure as I grow older and have a steady income I’ll explore more sustainably conscious options but for now here’s my top five favorite fast fashion brands in no particular order.






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